Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is a moment before IELTS,
Suddenly i think of something which i really though that i have already put it down...but in fact, i'm not. I start to think back again,isn't my fault or really something is already happened... Isn't i'm not doing well in that or i'm not trying hard to maintain it? Try to ask myself again?

I really hope I can go back to last time,which is the most happy moment..I really don't know what to do to solve this...I'm not a perfect person, perhaps sometimes i don't really know how to express my self but in my heart i really blessing for them.

OK! i should go to prepare my exam later! At here, i want to wish all my friends who taking IELTS all the best and do well for ur IELTS! =)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Right person..

Yesterday 26th Oct 2009 Wednesday, my idol was here to give a talk and that was so awesome!
What he has said really inspired me , i felt he was a person who full with passion in entrepreneurship! I really hope that he can get a great voted for his current contest( one world youth) and become a representative of malaysia and go to LONDON! So, do hope all malaysian can voted for Him Michael Teoh Su Lim!

And today i suddenly thought of one phrase that i heard from somewhere, just want say is i won't believe that our friendship link will break on one day. I think we sure can hold our strong friendship bond forever ever! And,lastly is I wish all my friend that is taking muet now or might take muet/TOEFL/IELTS in the future will get a great result! =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

pass or fail?

Today suddenly have a bad feeling from my heart...
This feeling just happen one time before since when i was in secondary school...
I really hope it won't happen again...
I hope i can stay with all my friends now forever ever....
Loneliness i try before i freaking scary...
I don't want to be that Again!
God please help me!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today i got a lot of question to ask myself? But i really can't get the answer...

Why some ppl do wrong but they don't feel they're wrong?
Am i too kind or STUPID?
Are YOU feel that i make ppl misunderstand YOU?
Or the one you like or love distrust you?
I really din't do anything !
Actually YOU are the one who make ppl misunderstand YOU!!!!!!!!

I really don't know how to tell you the TRUTH...just only yourself know what you have did!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A happy memory ~.~

Today is the 3rd days came back from morib beach & jenjarum trip!

31st July 2009
That day i wake up very early around 7am and i reached college around 8am but the day before i sleep at 2am..omg it was so sleepy! Although i was so sleepy but the trip is so interesting, fun,crazy and scary!!!
After all of us had lunch,we departed from college around 1.30pm...Between the journey we went to Jojo house had something exciting, scary thing happened. Actually when the things happened i was sleeping in Kristy car but i slightly heard Ilex, Kristy and Victor say something almost happen.
Then after we reached Jojo house, i knew that CHelsie almost got car accident ...although i don't saw it but i feel Kristy car was always wanna break...haha...Luckily Chelsie was ok.! haha...
Because of the hot weather,so all of us decide to eat 'ais kacang' and ' air kepala' ...The 'ais kacang' and 'air kepala' was quite cheap and we really feel the COOL....~~..after finish eating we continue going to MORIB beach!! yay~~~

Once reached ,Jojo mum help us to check in..after that we went to the beach and play...i saw a lot of CRAB~~~~~ and a vry nice sunset..Chelsie and Jess is very funny la, sambil shout sambil run coz they scare the CRAB...ahahah. Jess and Yancy also kena whole body wet by Nicholas Chow! I think Jess will gonna kill him..haha. We also take a lot of 'jumping' picture on the beach..i think u all will understand wat i write de...hehe. Got some of the little couple take a vry romantic picture also..i think u all will understand who also la...hehe

At night, after all of us finish eat our dinner 'maggi mee' ( that time the maggi mee was so nice )...yummy...
We start to give out the PRESENT for victor 1st, actually we got present for LEttecia also de,but she doesn't know oni..hehe.. After we give out Victor present then we give out another present for Lettecia. The present for Victor is a guitar and for Lettecia is ' begenie' (erm dunno how to spell for swimming de la...) Lettecia show a very shocking face to us and Victor was very happy & touch and i saw him got tear come out le...hehe

Then the drinking session start...
We start play 007 game...omg..the game is so nice ,funny and crazy. Who lose adi need to drink a little bit of wine....and They all say me drunk actually i'm not drunk le and i still can play kung fu le...haha...

Today write until tired adi,so write until here 1st lo..haha...Actually this trip is really fun, warm, and crazy...I feel so lucky that i got go this trip....=)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today i watched a movie form tv ,the story of the movie really teach me how to face some problem.

The main character for the story is a girl...the girl always hope that she will find a guy who love her so much. Yes, she had found him. She and her boy friend know since a long time ago,about 7 years.
At first , she and her boy friend is just good friend ,and slowly the girl like the guy too....
After they became couple ,the guy told the girl how much he love and miss the girl and somemore told the girl that actually he actually like the girl since they meet each other....

After around few weeks ,the boy friend start to ignore the girl and start to no contact with the girl. And he always explained to the girl that he very busy with somethings. The girl really believe what the guy told her,so she just wait. The girl like him so she choose to TRUST him...
One day, when she meet a friend in cafe shop and start to talk about her boy friend to her friend. Her friend told her that actually " I knows ur boyfriend, I'm his best friend and actually he is dating with a lot of girl in one time" . When the girl heard this she really dunno how to face this truth ...she feels very disappointing and feel like want to dead..She start to ask herself," why i so Trust him and he betray me, Omg". Actually her friend not only told her this bad things ,follow by some bad things about her boyfriend also...

Finally , this girl is awake. She broke up with her boy friend by sending a sms to him. The guy no any response. She feel that actually the guy would not care her feeling also.All her friend very support her and she go back a normal life..she continue went to college with all her good friend and laugh and chit chat together. She swear that she just give few day to herself to cry and feel sad only..She very thank for all her friends support and family support,although her friend and her family don't know she had a relationship with this bad guy. Actually she had a few boyfriend before,and all of them also almost the same type like this.So she feels that may be this is her destiny....
The End
My opinion- I also feels she really make a good decision and if for me i also will do the samething .....I think my destiny also ....

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I like this song ,really meaningful!!! highly recommended!